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 Lynn Excell

Lynn Excell operates in a world where creativity is paramount. She shares her various artistic endeavors and supports others in their unique creative journey. Click on the following images for links to her media pages. Keep browsing the rest of the site, and get in touch with any inquiries.

About Lynn Excell

From an early age, Lynn Excell realised that art and craft were part of her DNA. This talented creative puts her heart and soul into each new project, and this intense passion is reflected by her highly varied portfolio. For a better idea of this creative’s style and capabilities, please have a look at her past work below.

Articles about Lynn's work

Lynn has been involved in a variety of projects. Here you can find articles written about her work.

November 7th 2016

For this project, I was asked by a friend to produce a large design which the general public in Chelmsford could participate in by colouring it. As the project was under the title of 'yellow fish' I got my inspiration from 'the yellow brick road' in the Wizard of Oz. The slogan of the environmental project was 'only rain down the drain' and so I designed one spiral going down the drain, with the slogan getting smaller and designed another spiral swirling up, representing the rivers in Chelmsford-containing leaves, flowers, canoeists, and eventually wildlife. The public were then invited to colour the 4 large canvasses in and add their handprints. 

Rebel, rebel colouring for misfits colouring book

I had been involved in producing colouring books for adults for a couple of years with a company called "Global Doodle Gems", and was offered the chance to create my own colouring book. I wanted something a little bit more diverse than the usual flowers and mandala books, so set about producing the striking images of people I knew from the punk era. The people were certainly 'colourful' and so I decided they were the perfect subject. Read more for the link to the book or click on the pictures to go to the newspaper article.

Rain Art

September 30th 2017

A huge project for me and one which has kick-started my professional career. In 2016, the Ideas Festival in Chelmsford ran workshops to get people involved in a 'rain art' project. I was fascinated by this idea and so took part and was commissioned this year to make designs for the project. The designs had to be made into a template, which was then placed on the ground. A water-resistant (eco-friendly) spray was then applied. The designs are invisible until it rains, when they show up to cheer people up! I was so excited by this project that I intend to use it further. Read more to go to the rain art Chelmsford website, or click on the images to go to the newspaper article or the main rainworks website.

mural for special needs college

November 7th

This project was one that I hold very dear. I was asked by the head of the college (a special place for me and my family) to design an artwork to be placed at the front of their stage. I asked the students which words they would use to describe the place. They came up with 'support' and 'friendship' so these were the basis of my design. I wanted to show these factors, but also the fact that the college helps people up and is a embraces diversity. The piece is now in situ, and an assembly was held to reveal it to the students. The Essex Chronicle also produced an article about the work.

Eleanor Roosevelt

"Do one thing every day that scares you"

To see more about the projects Lynn has been involved in and her other creative activities, see Lynn's blog.


Chelmsford, UK

Chelmsford, UK

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Article about my colouring book in the Halstead Gazette

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